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Mimaki Inkjet Printer
    MIMAKI CJV30 Series  
    MIMAKI JV5 Series
    MIMAKI JV33 Series
    MIMAKI JV3-250 SPF
CNC Milling Machine
    DBSP3520 Milling Machine  
DBSP4040- Milling Machine  
    DBSP5040 Milling Machine  
    DBSP6050 Milling Machine  
Large Format Printers
    Tukina K Series NEW 
Engraving machine
    Eng-Pro CNC Rotary Router
    Laser-Pro Engraving
    Super-tormat Engraver
    Enhanced          Multipurpose Engraver
    Engraver for marble and          ceramic tile
    Engravers for advertising          use
Cutting plotter
Imacolor Ink
    Ink For Desktop Printers
    Ink For Large Format Printers
    Cleaning Liquid
    Refill Cartridges
    Ink Kit (CISS)
Inkjet Media
Photo Paper

Fortuna Digital Graphics Co., Ltd.

Fortuna Digital Graphics Co., Ltd(FDG) is a leading supplier of digital-printing and sign-making systems. It is one of China's largest enterprises in this field. With more than 300 young and enthusiastic employees, the company has 11 subsidiaries and 12 representative offices in different regions, forming a distribution and service network all over China. The company's headquarter locates in the central area of the Zhongguancun (China Silicon Valley) in Beijing.

At present, FDG's businesses cover manufacturing, distributing, and servicing in the industry of advertisements, commercial graphics, photos, decorations, signs, gifts, packages, and so on. The objective of FDG is "to be the most professional supplier in its field".

Fortuna Imatek Chemical Co., Ltd.

BeiJing Fortuna Imatek Chemical Co, Ltd. was set up in 1999 as a professional manufacturer of ink and imaging media in China. Since its establishment, the company has promoted nearly a hundred varieties of media and ink products to the markets. All of those products have ISO9001 quality certificate. They are selling all over China, as well as international markets in large volumes.


The company has high-level technical staff, first-class manufacturing equipment and efficient quality-control systems. Leading technical know-how and excellent quality are its advantages and objectives. All the products have been tested for a long time before their introduction to the market.


Fortuna Mectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Fortuna Mectronic Technology Co. Ltd. (FMT) is a member of the Fortuna Enterprises Group, focusing on manufacture of rotary-headed milling and engraving machines. These machines use industry-standard high torque and high-speed spindles, which can work on a wide variety of materials, from resin, acrylic, plastic, woods, light metals, to even steel. The high precision and reliability of ENG-PRO engraving machines offers a broad range of applications.


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